It’s Enough Already!

I can’t stay silent after the tragedy that happened in Tel Aviv. It occurs all the time. More senseless, brutal murders. In cold blood. This time with an automatic weapon. Not a knife. We never know where it’ll happen. And when walking on any given street, we are aware that a terrorist attack has already happened in that spot. Because they happen everywhere. The terrorists don’t discriminate. They hate us all. They hate us for living in Israel. They hate Israel. They want to rid usĀ out of our homeland.

I pray for the victims, and for the families of the victims. Please don’t let there be anymore.

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Victims, Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, murdered on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, on January 1, 2016

Back in November, I wrote a quick Facebook post and I felt the need to post it here on the blog as well:

I’m completely devastated! Where is world condemnation?! And how much longer must we endure this?!
My G-d. My phone buzzes with notifications every 5 minutes. It’s enough already. It’s been enough for way too long.
I’m sure you see my posts, life looks completely normal. But it’s not actually. I try and so do all the citizens of Israel try, to live life normally..but why must we try? Why can’t we just “be”? Why can’t they, just let us live? Did no one ever teach them the phrase, “live and let live”?

I’m at a loss.. It’s getting harder and harder to shelter the kids from what is going on. They come home from school and know more details than I know. Children shouldn’t know this much pain, suffering, and confusion.

We live in the Jewish homeland. No one can stop us from doing just that. Living! It’s ours, and they can’t get rid of us.

They better stop trying though!


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