Misrad Hapnim.. Enough Said

Today I thought I’d have a really good blog post to write about. The juicy type with lots of drama. All I would need to say are two words: Misrad Hapnim.

I’ve heard all the nightmare stories. Stories about needing to wait on line for 4 hours. Stories about waiting on line for 4 hours to be told you were on the wrong line the whole time.

I’ve listened to all the frightening warnings. Beware. Beware of long lines. Beware of plenty of unpleasant people. I even heard the joke “it’s not Misrad Hapnim.. It’s Misrad Al Hapnim,” which translates into the horrible office.

So we prepared. Actually WE didn’t. My husband did. Thank God for his organizational skills. A department I definitely lack in. All the necessary papers were in order. We had charged phones and extra battery packs. I packed snacks and lunches.

We left the apartment extra early right after the kids left for school.  We arrived a half hour after they opened. We were expecting a line around the corner but there were only 5 people in front of us at security. Not bad. So we were sure there would be a massive line inside. We ran up the stairs thinking “let’s get ahead of anyone coming behind us.” We took a number. 501. The screen said 102. And that’s when we knew this would take all day. But there were only ten other people sitting there. Not 400. So I got up to just double check at the informational desk to make sure we were in the right place. We were. I sat back down and made myself comfortable. Plugged in my charger so my battery wouldn’t deplete.

And then just 5 minutes later, the number changed from 105 to 501. I’ll never know how they work out the numbers. But in this case it was in our favor, so I won’t complain!
We sat at the desk for less than 10 minutes. She was pleasant enough. Nothing to praise and nothing to talk about. And then just like that we were finished and went on our way.
I walked out dumbfounded. No nightmare story? Nothing to talk about? Oh well. And here I thought I’d have a really good blog to write about!

Feel free to share your stories in the comments to let me know what I didn’t miss! 😉


5 thoughts on “Misrad Hapnim.. Enough Said

  1. Very similar experience: My husband and I went to Netanya’s Misrad Hapnim, Thursday, January 28th, for our Teudats Ma’avar. We arrived about 10 minutes after opening and were out 15 minutes later. The clerk, fortunately, spoke English; she was very pleasant and smiled 🙂 So far, all of our interactions at government offices and our Kupot Cholim (Maccabi) have gone very well!

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